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The Shung Ying Kung Fu Club was founded in 1984 by martial arts expert Sifu Hilbert Yiu. Originally, the club was opened in the heart of Surrey BC, at Sans Secondary School. As Sifu Yiu's reputation as an instructor began to flourish, so did his club. In 1986, he decided to relocate his club to establish a permanent location at Vancouver's Renfrew Park Community Centre.

In 1989, Sifu Yiu's Shung Ying Club began an evolution that would take the martial arts community by storm. He comprised a group of dedicated young students and formed the Shung Ying Demonstration and Lion Dance Team. His group represented the club at martial arts demonstrations, special events, and tournaments throughout the city.

Over the next few years, Sifu Yiu's team of students began to make its mark on the local and national tournament scene. As his students gained experience and knowledge through competition, their skill began to dramatically improve. Under Sifu Yiu's training and guidance, they developed into respective competitors and brought their martial arts skills to the next level.

The Shung Ying Lion Dance Team was a talented force as well. In 1991, the team won its first Grand Championship at the Western Chinese Martial Arts Association's International Tournament. In 1992, our Lion Dance Team again took first place, maintaining its reign as the Grand Championship Lion Dance Team in BC.

The Shung Ying Kung Fu Club's success in the tournaments brought upon much public interest. The Demonstration and Lion Dance Team have been invited to perform in numerous grand openings, charitable functions, martial arts tournaments, and special community events. Some of the most notable accomplishments include: In 1993, performing the lion dance opening for the B.C. Commonwealth Games held in Kamloops. In 1999, performing the opening ceremony for the West Coast Can-Am Tournament, featuring the first 20 lion performance in Canada.

In the year 2000, the Shung Ying Kung Fu Club proudly inaugurated the Chinese Year of the Dragon with its own 120 feet dragon in Vancouver Chinatown New Year Parade and was the star attraction in Victoria's "Golden Dragon Millenium Celebration" hosted by the Victoria Chinese Consolidated sifu hilbert yiu the shung ying club Benevolent Association.

Today, the club comprises of a martial arts demonstration, lion and dragon dance team. There are over 80 students who meet weekly at Vancouver's Renfrew Park Community Centre for their training. Originally specializing in the Choy Lee Fat style, the Shung Ying Club has now expanded with a Wushu program and a beginners' Tai Chi class. Alongside Sifu Hilbert Yiu, the Shung Ying Club has a group of over 20 dedicated martial artists that train, teach, and conduct the class weekly. Among the group are Simo Sandra Shi, Sifu James Ma, and a committee of black belt assistant instructors. Dedicated to promoting martial arts, several black belt members of our club are also committee members of Wushu BC, an association co-founded by Sifu Yiu and many other respected martial arts instructors in BC.