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About   ::   Sifu Hilbert Yiu

Master Sifu Hilbert Yiu is the founder and head instructor of the Shung Ying Kung-Fu Club. The club's success and demonstrated excellence in Choy Lee Fat, Wushu, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance and Tai Chi stems from Sifu Yiu's talent, years of practice, dedication and leadership.

Hilbert Yiu was born in Canton. In his early years he had an acute interest in athletics: basketball and weight lifting, Hilbert also was involved with the St. John Ambulance Brigades and were in the top ranks as drill commander for his squad. This opportunity allowed Hilbert to grow valuable leadership and discipline skills.

In 1975 at the age of 21, Hilbert Yiu moved to Vancouver with his family. After immigrating, he would soon embarked on his martial arts career.

In the same year Hilbert moved to Vancouver, he joined the Wong Ha Athletic Association on the outskirts of Vancouver's Chinatown. This marked the beginning of Sifu Yiu's studies in the Southern Chinese Kung Fu discipline of Choy Lee Fat and Internal Arts under the tutelage of the distinguished forth generation Choy Lee Fat grandmaster Wong Ha.

Coincidently, Sifu's future wife, Sandra Shi also trained in Choy lee Fat Sifu Hilbert Yiu is the proud recipient of over 150 awards and trophies. In 1986, Hilbert Yiu In 1979, Grandmaster Wong Ha organized a group of twelve students, with Sifu Hilbert Yiu among them, to travel to China for a cultural exchange trip. This group was one of the first groups of Canadians to freely travel around China. During this trip Hilbert meet Zhang Yaoning who was in the Jiangsu Professional Wushu and acrobatics team. While remaining with his teacher, Grandmaster Wong Ha, Hilbert would return to China in 1983 to train with his close friend, Zhang Yaoning. Sifu Yiu returned almost yearly training from one to three months at a time in the modern art of Wushu.

In 1986, Hilbert Yiu visited China as a member of the Canadian National Wushu Team to compete at the 2nd International Wushu Championships in Jiangsu, China. Sifu Hilbert Yiu finished with a very respectable top ten placing in the Southern style broadsword and staff event. In 1988, Yiu was rated among the top ten in forms across Canada. Furthermore, Sifu Yiu's blend of training in traditional and modern martial arts was featured in the October 1998 issue of 'Black Belt' magazine.

With encouragement from Grandmaster Wong Ha in 1982, Hilbert Yiu started teaching at a temporary location in Delta, BC - the Sands Junior High School. Shortly after, Sifu Hilbert Yiu established a permanent Shung Ying Kung Fu club located at the Renfrew Park Community Centre in Vancouver. As the students became more passionate and involved in martial arts, they began to participate in more demonstrations and competitions. Under Sifu Yiu's training and guidance, the club entered a new era. The name Shung Ying would not easily be forgotten among competitors. Simo Sandra Shi advises and supports her husband, Hilbert Yiu, throughout their many years together. Their sons, Hilbert Jr. and Gordon, developed an interest in their parents' hobby at the tender age of 3 and 4. Their excitement to learn and natural talent excelled beyond Sifu's imagination.

Sifu and Simo interest in the Shung Ying club extends beyond martial arts. From the beginning and even to this day, Sifu and Simo has treated the members of the club like their own family. One of Sifu's proudest accomplishments is training over 20 students that have achieved the status of Grand Champion in tournaments throughout the years. This demonstrated to him that his hard work as a teacher has paid off and his martial arts is amongst the top leaders in the community. Hilbert also believes in the importance of the club giving back to the community - from helping keep kids off the streets to entertaining at community events to developing the responsible leaders of tomorrow. Above the intrinsic self-fulfillment, this community participation and development promotes Sifu Hilbert Yiu's style of Chinese martial arts as well as provides a channel for cultural understanding and tolerance.